This is another in progress home decor project. I’m one of those ‘more is more’ types, so to me the walls are naked. I want waaaay more wall art; like Buca di Bepo more. But so far I’m happy with how it’s turning out.

 Most of the pieces are from the 50s and early 60s, but some are later and some earlier. While the main colors are earth tones, neutrals, green, and red, some other colors are thrown in for good measure. I like to mix and match. Anything too perfect doesn’t feel like a home to me.  

  I scored this mid-century couch in Tacoma, WA ages ago for $200.00. Supposedly it’s a Danish designer piece and worth way more, but I’ve never looked into it. It was reupholstered at one point but still looks amazing, imo.

 The drapes are original vintage bark cloth, with a diamond/harlequin print. Very very 50s.

To the left – a gold floor lamp with a lantern look and butterflies on the shades.

 To the right – a triple tiered end table and lamp.


 Here’s a closeup of the drapes. Can’t remember what they costed, but I have a knack for finding amazing bark cloth for next to nothing : ).


 I scored that lamp ages ago from a Value Village in Seattle… for $4.00. Matte ceramic base + boomerang print lampshade. And the end table? One of my neighbors threw it away, so I dumpster dived for it. Epic win!


 A closeup of the floor lamp.


 Here’s the wall adjacent to the couch. Blonde wood 50s coffee table, vintage lamp, mini planter, and various wall art.  I’m looking for the perfect peice to hang in the upper center.


 My dad bought me this for my birthday, and it’s my new favorite posession. I’m not sure when it was made excactly, but it’s definately vintage from the 50s, 60s, or 70s! It’s an acrylic painting of a natutical scene… and has little plastic ‘glass’ panels in it. Behind the ‘glass’ are Christmas lights. So when I plug a cord in the painting lights up. How amazing is that? I just died when I saw this; I’ve never seen anything like it before.


 Quartite Creative Corp. lamp, circa 1960. It needs a nice lampshade to match. Thrifted in Flagstaff, AZ for $2.99.

 A better look at the base.


 I’m REALLY into gravel art.




 Broken vintage clocks make great wall hangings. Snip the cord off and viola!


 70s owl crafts of questionable taste are always welcome in my home. I guess I’m a hipster at heart.



 This is a nightlight that belonged to my grandma. It was my favorite item of hers growing up, and still works! Pumpkin colored resin w/ gold glitter.


 A miniature planter I stuck faux roses in.


  I can’t say no to 50s furniture with little cone legs! This was recently purchased from a Fort Worth thrift shop for $20.00. Olive green upholstery w/ metallic gold threads.

 The pillow is hand crocheted and from the 70s. And the weiner dog toy was a recent estate sale score. The gal who made it (in home ec. class, I presume) had all her classmates sign it in the 1930s.

 That’s it for now. As this project comes along I’ll post updates!

 What does your living room look like? Got any pics?

 xoxo, SJ



  1. Oh my goodness, I am smitten with that couch, haha. It’s so cool! Like the little owl pieces too. Mmmm.

    You mentioned some WA cities a few times, are you from there? I’m making the move from New Orleans to Seattle in the fall!

    • Thanks Jen! I’m originally from Portland, OR, but lived in Seattle for 8 years (longest I’ve lived anywhere), so I call Seattle home.

      I travel to Louisiana all the time and think it’s a very, very beautiful place. And one of the few places in America that truly has a culture all it’s own. I love the natural beauty of the bayou country, the Orleanian architecture, and think Cajuns are the most polite people I’ve ever met : ).

      Seattle is a totally different world from LA. Much faster paced for one thing. Also, people up there tend to be very standoff-ish. I don’t chalk it up to rudeness, but to a formality – people there tend to be less open w/ others.

      There’s tons of cool stuff in Seattle! Amazing resturants, tons of live music, great vintage shopping, etc. etc.

      Are you moving there for school?

  2. I really love your lamps! They’re amazing!

    • Thanks so much! I’d really love to find a simple shade to match the beige one. Something kinda south western looking perhaps.

      Mid-century stuff is so expensive sometimes. It’s always a thrill to me to find it on the cheap : ).

  3. you go Goldmine…you are a real digger!

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