Monthly Archives: July 2010




Starting now I’m posting (tons of) pics of people, places, and things that inspire me. A virtual mood board, if you will. Expect to see nothing but these for a while, as new Etsy items don’t go up till fall, and the new website is still in the works. I know you’ll enjoy these till then though!

 xoxo, SJ


Or even later. Who spends their summer online anyway?!? I apologise for neglecting this blog yet again. I’m busy making my rounds at estate sales + my favorite thrift shops. And believe me, I’ve come accross some amazing stuff so far : ). All of which will be for sale this fall!

 My friend Melissa has hooked me up in a major way, and is currently building my website. We’re hoping to launch in October, though I might push the date back to Nov/Dec. We’ll see. Till then, the Etsy shop remains open, but new products won’t be added till the end of August.

 Hope you’re all enjoying the sun!

 xoxo, SJ