My dearest friend Liz and her husband Brandt have a band called 9th Street Shakedown. Named after a Ryan Adams song, this quartet plays dirty, blues infused rock & roll just as god (or the devil) intended. Their influences range from the Rolling Stones to the Damned, Howlin’ Wolf to the Music Machine; and they’ve played with everyone from the Boss Martins to the Joneses. This Phoenix, AZ band hasn’t been around long, but are definately ones to watch out for.

photo: Andy Hartmark

 I can’t even begin to tell you how proud I am of Liz. A self described ‘rock star of a woman’, she’s lived a life worthy of a best selling tell all book. But unlike most folks who’ve gone over the edge, she’s made it through to the other side, victorious above it all.

She’s also bold, intelligent, and easily the best dressed gal in Arizona! Few people know how to make an entrance quite like her. Oozing with a sensual style inspired by bands and groupies of the 60s and 70s, her extensive wardrobe is a mix of vintage dresses, tight black denim, sky high heels and oh so southwestern silver jewelry. Tough girl chic personified. She continues to amaze and inspire me.

photo: Andy Hartmark 

photo: Andy Hartmark (or course) 

Dig their lyrics:


An acceleration curse, velocity from birth

& I’m bangin’ on a streetlight, baby

The blood in my ears from maybes drawin’ near

& I’m breakin’ down the streetlight, baby

never gonna hold me
maybe it’s talk
never gonna hold me
I gotta walk

I’m drivin’ down the street, find the place they meet

been drinking from the bottle lately

Some bangin’ on the door, I’m crawlin’ on the floor

but there never gonna find me, baby

never gonna hold me
maybe it’s talk
never gonna hold me
I gotta walk

Got photos in a drawer of memories before

and I’m never gonna find ’em, baby

The voices I adore, don’t hear ’em anymore

they’re whisperin’ my name soo sweetly

never gonna hold me
maybe it’s talk
never gonna hold me
I gotta walk, I gotta walk, I gotta walk

hold me, hold me, hold me


6 responses to “VELOCITY FROM BIRTH

  1. Sarah, I love you! Tears of love and true friendship for you forever and alway. I do not deserve you.


  2. Nothing but love for you too! xoxo

  3. Sarah I NEED to get out there to visit you! Damn it, it seems like everytime I have shit planned something happens… break down, moving, and then Xmas with kids (want to talk expensive). Now that it is a new year and I am getting caught up after the holidays, we need to plan a month that is good for you and good in Texas. Miss you so. I broke my old phone and lost all my numbers including yours:( Please call me or email me it…….I miss you too much.

    You BFF forever,


    • I’ll message you on Facebook. Let me know when you’re caught up financially and we’ll plan a vacay-cay!

      I hear ya on the holidays. It was slooooooooow at work and I have catching up to do!

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