Hey guys! If any of you were wondering, no, I didn’t die. I’ve just been offline for most of the summer, but thought I’d sneak in here and say hello. I hope you all had a wonderful summer filled with good company and fun times. I can definitely say that about mine. The sweltering TX heat isn’t exactly conducive to productivity, so most of my time these past few months was spent swimming, partying, and being otherwise useless with friends : P. With fall just around the corner however, the parties are winding down, so it’ll be business as usual asap. And in all honesty, I’m looking forward to that. I’m feeling extra productive/motivated lately, and love putting that energy to good use.

With that said, much of my time this week is being spent setting the foundation for a new opportunity. I have major news to announce in the near future that regards my vintage stock + how it’ll be sold.  I don’t want to jinx myself by leaking too many details just yet (esp. since some ideas are still on the table), but let’s just say this could be the greatest career move I’ve made in years – esp. since it involves major players in the online vintage market. I’m confident it’ll be mutually beneficial to everyone involved, and can’t wait to get the ball rolling + share more w/ you : ).

Till then, I’ll probably keep a low profile on here for a while. But I promise to get back to blogging regularly when time permits. And also to be a better blog buddy overall. Vix, Elza, Veshoevious, everyone else who’s blogs I read… I miss reading your posts on a regular basis, and hope life is treating you well. You ladies never cease to inspire me : ).

xoxo, SJ


2 responses to “(ALMOST) BACK

  1. I was thrilled to see you’d commented today, I was wondering where you’d gone. Swimming and partying sounds pretty dreamy to me, oh for a bit of that Texas heat!
    Good luck with the vintage ventures. xxx

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