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My super photographic memory often leads me to reminisce over items I’ve sold over the years. I vividly remember their textures, sizes, where they were purchased from, how much I paid for them, etc. etc. It’s like having a ‘Goldmine Trash‘s greatest hits’ loop constantly running through my head.

Tonight as I soaked in the tub, I suddenly thought back to a dress I sold in the EBay days, in ’03 or so; which was purchased in Portland, OR on a buying trip.

It was strapless, had a balcony bustline with ruffle insert, was boned and nipped at the waist, and had a full circle skirt w/ metal zipper at the side. The fabric was a crisp, slightly crinkled grey cotton, with metallic silver chrysanthemums screen printed on it. And like many of the best 50s ready to wear, it bore a Fred Perlberg label. It was love at first sight for me.

This was it:

Behold the magic powers of a 3.2 mpx point & shoot. Boy am I glad technology has improved since then!

I sometimes kick myself when I think of all the amazing things I sold back in the day, because their low quality pics do no justice for my archives (granted my photography skills still leave a lot left to desire, but hey… work with me here). Better pics. Sure wish I had ’em.

Anyway. After my bath I decided to browse Etsy, where I came across this lil’ stunner from Timeless Vixen.

Now that’s more like it! Instantly I found myself reliving that brush with glamor – vicariously through her.

Hers has a slightly different bodice, and she makes no note of who the designer is. But if it has no label, it most likely had a Fred Perlberg one at one point.  Fabulous, right?

This is a shining (no pun intended) example of what makes vintage so great. The dramatic silhouettes, the high quality construction, the immaculate attention to every last detail… oftentimes even todays designer labels can’t compete. It’s no wonder wearing quality vintage has become a status symbol.

This Timeless Vixen treasure is already spoken for, and I’m sure whoever ‘Crawford’ is has a new favorite dress on the way. But the rest of us can still swoon to our hearts’ content! And I should really work on those pictures…..



Zana Bayne of Garbage Dress‘  S/S ’11 collection.

Strike dear mistress, and cure his heart.


 Cutest thing ever! Available from Etsy’s Betty Turbo.


Eva Dress  just stocked copies of this authentic antique sewing pattern, circa Victorian France. Isn’t it amazing? 

Reminds me of Musidora’s costume in Les Vampires, which is a great thing.


I double dog dare you to tell me these aren’t the coolest sunglasses!

Huh? Huh?? Uber amazing and authentic 50s vintage! Cat eye sunglasses are having a moment in fashion this spring/summer, and I couldn’t be happier about that. If having the most showstopping piece is your thing, snatch these babies up from Retro Vertigo. She’s one of Etsy’s finest, and really knows her stuff!


 Martin Margiela was always ahead of the curve. Repurposed items, deconstructions, reconstructions, asymmetry, and stripped down fashions which mock fashion. Such were the hallmarks of his designs. They were made for the forward thinker; one who could use the power of simplicity to become the center of attention.

 Maximizing minimalism. It’s an art. And one Margiela was a master of. His recent decision to retire from fashion is our loss.

 Thankfully, Resurrection has teamed up with to sell over 100 pieces of Maison Martin Margiela’s finest creations, from 1989-2009. The sale started on Saturday, and runs thru March 31st. Wether you’re an avid collector or just browsing for inspiration, this is a must see!

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 Check out this amazing credenza!

From Modology, a Cincinnati based company which makes mid-century inspired furniture. Wish I had an extra $1,400 to burn!

 I’m so glad more and more people are bringing these styles back : ).  Ages ago I used to make one of a kind 40s/50s style dresses from vintage fabrics and patterns. I’m doing that again and will be listing those pieces on Etsy soon. Pretty excited!

 It’s been snowing in Dallas for the past 2 days, so my neighborhood has had power outages on and off. If you’ve placed a Goldmine Trash order, it’ll ship out on Monday; my post office closed today due to a power outage on their block. And it’s closed on weekends. I apologise for the slight delay – usually order ship within 24 business hours.


 My parking lot at 8 am.

 Today I hit up several estate sales and scored some super cute stuff. But I’m also really dissapointed w/people right now. D-R-A-M-A

 At one of the sales I neglectfully forgot to lock my car. And when I got home I noticed a huge bag full of vintage clothes went missing!! I VIVIDLY remember the contents of that bag and seeing it in my trunk hours before, so it wasn’t misplacement on my part. Which can only mean some jerk got into the car, popped the trunk, and helped themself to the best bag of stuff I had. It was all early 50s dresses too! Clearly the doing of another vintage lover, maybe even another dealer. I know times are tough still, but how low can you go?!?!?

 I guess that’s what I get for showing up at sales in vintage gear. Maybe it makes me a walking target for folks like that.

 Hmph. Oh well. Life goes on. This weekend I’m staying in, working on my sewing projects, and watching John Waters movies. Laughter is always the best medicine!

What are your weekend plans?

xoxo, SJ