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Massive pic + mp3 post! Labor day weekend was spent in the hill country; the part of central Texas which encompases San Antonio and Austin. Rolling hills with greenery as far as the eye can see. Small canyons, lakes and rivers, cacti, evergreens, and palm trees alike. Wineries, fields of lavender and wild flowers… it’s one of the most beautiful parts of this great state.

Many thriving small towns are located here, which are known for their historic buildings, gourmet ‘locavore’ cuisine, gift shops, art galleries, bed & breakfasts, flea markets, and antique stores. I got out into nature, did some swimming, saw some sights, and of course, did some shopping : ).

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Texas is notorious for it’s unpredictable weather. 3 weeks ago it was below freezing and snowed, a week later it was over 70 and sunny, and this weekend it was back to brrrrrrr! Tons of rain, 26 degrees, some snow, icy roads, you name it. Since I travel so much, I have clothes for all weather conditions stashed in my trunk, juuuust in case.

Original Stormy Weather sheet music.

I preffer warmer weather myself, but thought I’d get festive and make you an Ode to Awful Weather mix tape : ). I’m as adicted to music as I am to fashion, so expect plenty of mp3’s on this blog.

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