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 Jeffree Star said that : P.

Sorry I was silent yesterday. Since I’m renewing my lease this month + have the COOLEST, most laid back landlady ever, I’ve decided to paint my apartment. For once where I live will actually feel like a home, and I’m super excited about that : ).

 There’s 7 rooms total in my place: 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1 living room, and one kitchen/dining room. I’ve decided each room will have a different color scheme/theme.  The living room has brick colored walls, and will be my mid-century modern room; in earth tones + reds, greens, and dark yellows. But the kitchen is bright pink!


I can’t wait till the job is done, so I can show you guys pics!

*happy dance*

Paint all day, movies at home all night, Shen Yun tomorrow afternoon. Life is good.

xoxo, SJ