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This weeks Goldmine Trash vintage, available via Sisters of the Black Moon : ).

I know, right? 60s psych mini w/ insane dripping fringe. Serious bidding war is already going on here


70s/80s red fringe ‘French Rag’ micro mini sweater dress. Deep v + plenty of drama with every step! Fall in love here

Reminds me a bit of The Ardorus’ centre stage series.

 Late 50s/early 60s Alfred Shaheen designer Hawaiian sarong dress. here

Like a bad girl should. 70s/80d micro mini w/ super low armholes. Simple and sleek, yet so sexy. here

Very Marissa Mell in Danger Diabolik. Which OF COURSE is a great thing.

Macrame masterpiece! Unbleached cotton w/ massive dripping fringe on sleeves and hem + fringe applique on bodice + empire waist cinch belting.  here

Best of the best, in that Maria Sabina sorta way:

Red hot Byzantine paisley print caftan! Super comfy and drapes like a dream. here

70s cotton blend Indian paisley print dress. Love the color scheme, keyhole front, and puff sleeves. Perfect for layered looks in fall and winter! here



Yeah, I know I’m the last fashion blogger on earth to post these pics. But they go with today’s theme. And I loved this collection!


Shota Rustaveli’s 12th century poem The Knight in the Panther’s Skin is regarded as Georgia’s national epic. A medieval tale of brotherhood, courtly love, bravery and adventure, it’s said to epitomize the humanistic ideals of Medieval Europe.

T’hinat’hin, Arabia’s newly crowned female king (!) sends her admirer Avt’handil on a quest to find a mysterious knight clad in panther’s skin. Should Avt’handil’s succeed in the mission, T’hinat’hin will agree to marry him.

Avt’handil locates and befriends the knight, who turns out to be an Indian prince named Tariel. Tariel grieves the disappearance of the Indian princess Nestan-Daredjan; who he loves and is searching for. Sympathetic to one anothers causes, Tariel and Avt’handil vow to be lifelong friends, and to assist one another on both quests. They succeed, and the story ends with double marriages.

Nana Tchitchoua’s ‘Impressions of Rustaveli’ is a seldom seen Georgian/American short film based on The Knight in Panther’s Skin, and is 14 minutes of visual splendor! Taking her cues from directors such as Kenneth Anger, Vera Chytilova and Sergei Parajanov, Impressions of Rustaveli is a love letter to period costume. Turbans, fez hats, beadwork, long veils and ethnic prints abound. Instantly, you’re whisked away to the Byzantine era via Near East perspective.

Despite being made in 2001, Impressions of Rustaveli was shot in a frontal style devoid of camera movement. Combined with a soft focus and often dim lighting, the film has a distinctly retro feel. As you’ll see, it’s stills could pass for Sarah Moon photos.

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