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DJ Howie Pyro of Intoxica radio fame, during his teen years as the bassist of 70s punk band the Blessed. A great guy with great records. And great style, eh?



Brrrr, is it ever cold outside! Remember what I told you about TX weather? Last week felt like spring. But this week we’ve had snow, icy roads, single digit temperatures… and more snow is predicted for tomorrow.

Needless to say, I’ve hardly left home. Which in a sense is a blessing, because (when the power isn’t down) it’s pushed me to focus on adding new items to the Goldmine Trash shop. This isn’t even the begining of our stock. I have a lot of seams to reinforce and hems to restitch on the vintage, and several House of Trash dresses need finishing touches. Slowly but surely I’m working on it. So here’s a start:

I love these 80s butterfly tops! They look great with skinny jeans (or shorts in the summer), and can be layered over maxi dresses as well. Perfect for partying in. You’ll have no problem standing out in dark room with this thing on! It’s deadstock – never worn vintage – and has the original tag + bag of extra sequins and beads intact.

I’ve dubbed this the Intoxi-dress, in honor of Intoxica Radio with Howie Pyro. A collector of all things vintage since childhood, Howie has over 30,000 vinyl records alone! Intoxica is my favorite radio show because Howie’s great sense of humor really comes out on there. Plus, you can hear stuff you’ll never hear anywhere else. In an age where everything seems instantly accessible online, that’s quite an accomplishment, imo.

This House of Trash dress was handmade by yours truly, from deadstock vintage fabric in an ultra rare vinyl record print. It fits a modern size large, and you’ll need some dangerous curves to fill this baby out. My dressform did this no justice!

Mother of God. This thing is amazing! I’ve pretty much seen it all in my 15+ years of wearing, collecting, and selling vintage. This piece had me stumped however. The gal I originally purchased it from thought it had something to do with the Russian Orthodox church. There’s no religious insignias on it though.

Other theories  are that it’s a vintage costume, a fraternal order costume, or a vintage Indian garment. One of our Facebook friends offered the most likely explanation though: that it’s a torero (bull fighters) costume. Considering that TX borders Mexico, this makes the most sense.

According to her, the matching skullcap would’ve been worn under a larger hat. And the drawstring bag would’ve carried religious trinkets for good luck.

Whatever the case may be, this set is stunning! It’s hand stitched, and all that cording is hand tacked in place. The velvet looks and feels like a 30s velvet, so I’m dating this to the 1930s. It’s in fabulous condition. It’s perfect for a boho babe to make some magic in, but would be perfect for a burlesque costume too.

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 I don’t have enough time to do it! I really wish that weren’t the case, but I work around 80 hours a week. Hence most of my posts begin with some apology for my absence in the blogsphere. In a round about way, this post included : P.

 Someday I’ll learn to accept that I’m no Gala Darling; that churning out amazing essays each day isn’t in my cards. Until then bear with me.

 So where was I? Ah, yes. UPDATING! So much has gone on lately – March has been a great month so far. A few weeks ago I did a buying trip in south Texas. On the way down there I spent a night in Austin. Here’s what my room looked like:


Can you believe this is a Motel 6? Since when did they take cues from 60s modernism?!?!?

 I’m digging this towel holder.

Totally into it. And for under $50.00 a night it was a great deal. But I won’t be staying there again. The next morning one of the other lodgers kept calling and making lewd propositions. Hello, stalker! It was probobly the old dude below me.  And the area I was in is known for it’s pimps and ho’s. I ALWAYS get mistaken for a hooker, no matter what I’m wearing. I was once propositioned by a bum while wearing a 3 pc. 1930s suit, fer f’s sakes!

 Anyway… the next day I did a little browsing and shopping in Austin. Mainly browsing, because vintage tends to be overpriced there. I did score a cute dress at New Bohemia though! Will, the guy at the counter, was cool as can be and very helpful. And he’s a dealer as well.

 After a day in Austin it was southward bound, and of course I scored some fabulous things! The next week it was off to Louisiana and east Texas. In Houston I got to catch up with Jason, an old friend of mine I knew back in Phoenix. It was great to see him and know he’s doing well. He works at Vintage Oasis, dj’s 60s garage/psych at a monthly event called Reverberation, and  has a new band called the Big Black Spiders.

 Here’s what I’ve listed on Goldmine Trash since my last post!


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