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A treasure trove of Goldmine Trash auctions end today! Epic vintage dresses, vests, and duster jackets from the 1950s – 1980s to keep you ladies stylish all festival season long. Viva Las Vegas? Austin Psych Fest? Coachella? Check. Check. Check!

Emerald green 1950s Fred Perlberg. Full circular skirt, pleated cummerbund inset, boned bodice. Yow!

Runway style 1960s/70s black maxi vest w/ gold + metallic gold embroidery, forming Indian paisley motifs.

Dandy in the underworld. 1960s purple velvet + silk chiffon mod mini w/ metallic silver sequin trim.

Global goddess 1960s/70s dashiki maxi dress. Gauze like vanilla cotton w/ Indian paisley ethnic print.

Couture style construction! Bad photos, but a serious stunner in person. Shocking hot pink late 1950s-60s Mad Men style cocktail dress. Velvet + satin. Kay Selig designer label.

Gothy 1980s-90s black burnout stretch velvet robe/duster jacket.

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 I don’t have enough time to do it! I really wish that weren’t the case, but I work around 80 hours a week. Hence most of my posts begin with some apology for my absence in the blogsphere. In a round about way, this post included : P.

 Someday I’ll learn to accept that I’m no Gala Darling; that churning out amazing essays each day isn’t in my cards. Until then bear with me.

 So where was I? Ah, yes. UPDATING! So much has gone on lately – March has been a great month so far. A few weeks ago I did a buying trip in south Texas. On the way down there I spent a night in Austin. Here’s what my room looked like:


Can you believe this is a Motel 6? Since when did they take cues from 60s modernism?!?!?

 I’m digging this towel holder.

Totally into it. And for under $50.00 a night it was a great deal. But I won’t be staying there again. The next morning one of the other lodgers kept calling and making lewd propositions. Hello, stalker! It was probobly the old dude below me.  And the area I was in is known for it’s pimps and ho’s. I ALWAYS get mistaken for a hooker, no matter what I’m wearing. I was once propositioned by a bum while wearing a 3 pc. 1930s suit, fer f’s sakes!

 Anyway… the next day I did a little browsing and shopping in Austin. Mainly browsing, because vintage tends to be overpriced there. I did score a cute dress at New Bohemia though! Will, the guy at the counter, was cool as can be and very helpful. And he’s a dealer as well.

 After a day in Austin it was southward bound, and of course I scored some fabulous things! The next week it was off to Louisiana and east Texas. In Houston I got to catch up with Jason, an old friend of mine I knew back in Phoenix. It was great to see him and know he’s doing well. He works at Vintage Oasis, dj’s 60s garage/psych at a monthly event called Reverberation, and  has a new band called the Big Black Spiders.

 Here’s what I’ve listed on Goldmine Trash since my last post!


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