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Some films are so highly visual that each frame resembles an artistic photo. Sergi Parajanov’s ‘The Color of Pomegranates’ on the other hand, resembles paintings from centuries past (albeit with a Bunuel-esque twist). An artistic take on the life of Armenian poet Sayat Nova, it depicts Nova’s humble beginnings as wool dying child laborer to his days as a provocative courtier, then his later years as a monk. Dialogue was kept to a minimum, so traditional music and costumes set much of the mood. Needless to say, The Color of Pomegranates is a masterpiece unto itself. And like most masterpieces, it was initially suppressed in it’s native country.

Rich in religious iconography, this Georgian film went against the grain of Socialist Realism (read: propaganda), unlike it’s contemporaries in the USSR. It proved to be influential though, so by 1973 the authorities persecuted Parajanov. The last two decades of his life were spent in and out of prison, despite international outcry from the likes of Federico Fellini, Yves Saint Laurent, Michelangelo Antonioni and Jean-Luc Godard. Thankfully Parajanov continued to create while incarcerated; 1,000+ drawings, collages, and miniature dolls, most of which exist to this day. Parajanov came to a tragic end; his health was compromised in forced labor camps, and by 1990 cancer claimed his life. Shortly after, the USSR too faced it’s bitter end. And thanks to this, Parajanov’s films were once again allowed to exhibit at film festivals worldwide.

Today, much of his work and personal belongings are permanently housed in the Parajanov Museum of Yerevan, Armenia. His work continues to gain in popularity, namely among fans of other controversial directors such as Pier Pasolini and Alejandro Jodorowsky. In the spirit of artistic freedom I highly encourage viewing The Color of Pomegranates. Once you’ve seen it you’ll never forget it, and will hopefully draw inspiration from it… as well as from the courageous spirit of Sergi Parajanov himself.

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Lady Bridgett Elizabeth Felicia Henrietta Augusta Poulett as Arethusa, by Madame Yevonde. Looks like a spirit is by the top right side of her headpiece.


Ruins of Detroit by Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre.


Kirilian photo of a leaf.

50s, 60s, and 80s

Another overload of cuteness in the Goldmine Trash Etsy shop this week!

Mid century mademoiselle! Late 50s-early 60s cotton day dress in a jewel toned atomic print. Love.

Just like honey. I love the fullness of the bust gathering and skirting. 50s perfection in a beige, tan, and amber checkered plaid.

Surprise! Another one of a kind House of Trash original. The fabric was vintage deadstock and is in the most PRISTINE MINT CONDITION! You’d think it was made yesterday with how crisp and vibrant it is. Gorgeous plum/raisin color with an Indian style floral print… stamped with metallic gold throughout.

The skirt is a full circle, so you’ll all eyes will be on you as your twirl about the dance floor. So fun.

Classy as can be cocktail dress in a metallic silver and white damask floral brocade. Very Blair Waldorf.

Fun fact: there was no such as person as Suzy Perette. Suzy Perette was simply a brand name for a New York design house which specialized in providing adaptations of Parisian haute couture designs, particularly ones by Balmain and Dior.

While Suzy Perette dresses were a more affordable alternative to couture, they were still out of reach for most buyers, with prices averaging around $70.00 – a small fortune back then. Consequently, this label is pretty collectible today.

Like all Suzy Perette dresses, this silver stunner has a somewhat sculptural look, a nipped in waist, and is made of premium fabric. The photos don’t begin to do it justice! It’s very flattering on, and is in dire need of new adventures.

Just in time for St. Patty’s! These two 80s prom dresses are a guaranteed way to get noticed. I love 80s metallics, and if there’s a big bow, even better. They’re both under $50 too. Before the discount even.

Diner uniform chic, 60s style. Another dress that pics aren’t doing justice for. Carnation pink and white checkered print, with white color block contrast. Cutie pie peter pan collar + decorative pockets with ‘gum drop’ buttons! A perfect mod Easter dress.

SOLD. But worth showing for fun. 10+ years  ago I sold a 60s mini with a mod/London Underground target print to another vintage store. And 10+ years later I still kicking myself for letting it go; it was easily one of the coolest vintage prints I’ve seen!

I’ll probably kick myself for selling this one too, but oh well. At least it’s going to a good home. Godspeed, 60s micro mini.

ALSO SOLD. To the same gal. I’ve had a ‘thing’ for color blocked 60s dresses ever since the PSA uniform Zooey Deschanel wore in Almost Famous. I especially love when they’re black and white, or red, white, and navy blue. Like this one.

Mosey on over if you see anything to your liking. And don’t forget – entering discount code ‘vlv14’ during checkout takes 25% off your entire purchase!


Space photo via Nasa.


This column was a neglected for a couple weeks due to some buying trips I took, so tonight I’ll attempt to make up for that by presenting you with a triple threat: Shop Spanish Moss, this weeks Sweet Shop.

Vowing to break free from from the 9-5 world, Suzanne Ford Carafano, her brother Chris and husband Vincent launched Spanish Moss Vintage in 2006. What began as a EBay shop catering to rock & roll fashion of the late 1960s – early 1990s has since expanded to a site that not only continues to stock vintage, but sells contemporary clothing which compliments this aesthetic.


Vintage kimonos, 60s babydoll dresses, and ‘Almost Famous’ style coats can be purchased alongside slashed up tops from Evil Twin, body con Style Stalker leggings, and crystal rings from Low Luv.

The cherry on top of it all is American Gold, Suzanne’s exclusive line of vintage inspired womens wear. Peek a boo bell bottoms in burnout velvet, fringe hem caftans, and calico floral minis are among her specialties. Each piece is made in the USA, and only high quality materials are used.

Shop Spanish Moss is a well designed site, which is easy to navigate and features gorgeous editorials by Andrew Kuykendall. The matching blog and magazine add plenty of inspiration too. Peruse them and you’ll instantly know this trio not only love, but live for what they do. No wonder they have fans in high places such as Daisy Lowe, Krystal Simpson, Erin Wasson, and Charlotte Kemp Muhl.