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Had to pull over and snap a few pics of this old theatre in Kansas, which was en route to my latest buying trip. I don’t document my travels as much as I should and need to work on that asap. I was gone for 4 days and returned last night,triumphant! Quality over quantity this round. I listed a few of the finds tonight:

1940s? Tropical Hawaiian print? Fishtail peplum? We’re so there. You can expect a last minute bidding war on this here.

Rose print 1950s party dress in shocking, bubblegum, and raspberry pink. Shiaparelli would have approved. here

Morton Bergman late 1950s impressionist style blue spring floral cocktail dress set. Wiggle skirting + matching bolero/cropped blouse. High quality tailored look + silk = totally luxe. here

There’s tons upon tons more which hopefully will all be up this week. Some 5 day auctions will launch on Tuesday for sure. This stunner will be for sale via Buy It Now too:

Pick of the litter. Just wait till you see the rest of it!

xoxo, SJ



 The selection at Half Price Books never ceases to amaze me. Initially drawn to the art noveau cover but sold on the title/bargain price, this is one of my best impulse buys of late. Tales of ghost dogs, ghost canaries, ghost cows… even ghost hamsters. Oh my.

 I’m a staunch believer in ghosts and paranormal phenomena in general, and have had multiple encounters which reenforce said beliefs. My attitude towards ghosts is that they outnumber the living, surround us constantly, and have the ability to harm us if they pleased. But for the most part they’re good, and if you’re cool with them they’re cool with you.

 I saw a ghost once (a cliched glowing lady dressed in white) at my aunts home during my cousins birthday party. I was 4 or 5 at the time but know damn well what I saw! And thankfully was too young to fear the experience. Ghosts have made their presence known to me many times since, just not in the form of a visual presence – thank god. Immediately following one such encounter I said aloud “I’m fine with you living here. Just don’t show yourself to me, please.” To the ghosts credit my wish was respected. I have a major fear of seeing ghosts. Few things could be more terrifying (as an adult) than seeing one come and go, imo.

 The exception would be if I saw a ghost pet.

 Beanie was a beloved pet I had in high school. As a Siamese the highlights on her nose and butt made her look like a pinto bean, hence the name. Unlike most rats, she was very affectionate  and sat still when pet – a lap rat if there ever was one. Her head was constantly tilted upwards, but not in that snobby ‘who farted?’ sorta way. In a cheery disposition sorta way. She always seemed to smile. Like Babe.

 She also reminded me of my great Aunt Veronica who was born in 1899. Maybe that was just the white hair. 

 Beanie did not outlive great aunt Veronica. Great aunt Veronica died in 2004, thus she technically lived in 3 centuries. But poor Beanie never partied like it’s 1999. She bit the bucket at the ripe old age of 2.  Initially she was plagued by incontinence. But the tumor she lugged around which was larger than her head ultimately did her in.

 I buried her in a cigar box under a tree in our yard at the time. As corny as it sounds, there hasn’t been a day since that Beanie doesn’t cross my mind. I constantly wish she was still around. As a consolation prize I’ve searched endlessly for a similar looking rat (no dice yet, Siamese are rare), and gave serious consideration to pet cloning before I realized how harmful it can be to other animals. Nothing compares to the original Beanie though – hence her ghostly presence would be welcomed.

 Needless to say, this book gives me hope. Perhaps one day when I least expect it Beanie’s ghost will run accross my computer desk. Or sit in my lap as she often did. Or I’ll look in the mirror one day and see a reflection of her ghost resting on my shoulder like ‘heeey!’. It’s a damn shame rats can’t read/write/spell in English. If they could, I’d brave an Ouija board as a means to conjure her. Beanie can make her presence known from beyond the cigar box/scare the shit out of me any time.

 But if her presence has left me for good, maybe it’s because she was perfect (incontinence and all) and achieved Nirvana. It’s NOT because ghosts don’t exist because they definately do – and good luck convincing me otherwise. I’ve had to many experiences that defy any other explanation. If you too believe in ghosts, wish to reconnect with dead pets, and/or have ghost stories to tell now is the time.


Actress Iva Janžurová plays the roles of sisters Klara and Viktoria in Juraj Herz’s Morgiana, a not so classic tale of sibling rivalry gone wrong. Charming, bubbly, outgoing Klara inherits the majority of their recently deceased fathers estate – much to the dismay of jealous, bitter, and sadistic Viktoria.

After consulting a fortune teller, Viktoria ops to poison Klara. The poison fails to kill Klara, but produces ongoing hallucinatory effects which cause her to question her sanity. Eventually Viktoria feels remorseful, but by then then the provider of the poison threatens to blackmail her. Hoping to gain sympathy, Viktoria opts to stage a suicide attempt… only to be sabotaged by her cat, Morgiana. Interestingly, many scenes are viewed through the perspective of Morgiana.

Considered the last Czech new wave film, it’s a visual hybrid of Picnic at Hanging Rock, The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant, and Whatever Happened to Baby Jane. Though set in the early Edwardian era, the costuming consists of Victoriana meets medieval dresses, Bedouin jewelry, and 60s mod eye makeup. Needless to say, it’s an aesthetic that resonates very, very well here at Goldmine Trash. A must see for witchy fashionistas. See what I mean > Continue reading


Michelle Pfeiffer in Scarface.


Al Escondite Ingles poster.


(English translation)

“Please, tell me.  Do you want to be my playmate? Do you want to play for ever and ever?

Do you want to feel yourself important with childlike spirit? To sit seriously at the head of the table?

To skilfully pour wine and water? To throw pearls? To be happy for nothing and wear old dresses with nostalgia?

Please, tell me. Do you want to play the game of life? Of the snowy winter and the endless autumn?

Shall we drink tea? The ruby tea making yellow smoke without saying a word?

Do you really want to live keeping your heart pure? To be  silent for a long time?

To stay  scared because November is coming? Because  the street sweeper is a poor sick man who whistles under our window?

Do you want to play the game of the snake, the eagle, the long journeys, the train, the ship? Of Christmas, the dream, and all nice things in this world?

Do you want to play the game of the happy lover? Do you want to pretend to cry, and play the game of the coloured funeral?

Do you want to live? Forever? In a game that has become so real?

Do you want to lie on the ground covered in flowers? Do you want to play the game of death?”


Menstrual blood. Jealous lovers. Incest. Pedophilia. Ritualism. Bestiality. Lesbianism. Orgies. Violence. Vampirism. Torture. Partial nudity. Public Executions. .. and an animal killing for good measure. Not exactly your average film, even by 70s European standards, and how it stayed off the banned lists is beyond me. But what’s even more odd? A 13 year old girl (Anna Karina-esque Jaroslava Schallerova) played the female lead.

Like the Annunciation and Maladolescenza, one can’t help but wonder who the target audience for Jaromil Jires’ gothic fantasy film Valerie and Her Week of Wonders was. At first glance one might assume this is a childrens movie, yet it’s anything but. Its overt darkness lies in perfect equilibrium with the innocence of the young girls flaunted throughout. The line between ingenue and lolita blurred.

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