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I get a lot of inspiration from fashion bloggers of all stripes. Oftentimes I’m reminded of their personal style when I’m out sourcing new merchandise. An era, a cut, a brand, a color… any little thing can make me flash back to an outfit post I loved. I’ll take bloggers over red carpet celebs any day.

Here are a couple things I listed earlier on Goldmine Trash:

Vintage 80s jacket from Mondi, a German boutique label. Made in a lightweight navy blue wool/polyester blend. I’m in love with the birds and ‘navy and white’ phrase which are embroidered throughout in white and metallic gld thread!

The perfect lightweight spring jacket. The open front is just the thing for showing off a t shirt and some long metal necklaces. I’d pair this with skinny jeans to balance out it’s slightly boxy cut.

This particular piece reminded me of Jane Aldridge, of Sea of Shoes fame. She wears a lot of boutique labels, cropped length jackets, and has a knack for pulling off exaggerated 80s silhouettes with grace.

Officially obsessed with this. 3pc 1950s silk dress set, in a midnight blue, coral red, and white atomic print! The dress has a squared neckline and slender cut w/ pencil skirting, and the jacket is has the coolest upturned cuffs on it’s 3/4 sleeves. As if that isn’t good enough, the original matching belt is intact. Most vintage dresses came with matching belts, but most of those belts have mysteriously vanished into a black hole. Score!

This dress set reminds of the Rockabilly Socialite, miss Dollie DeVille. While she’s not a self proclaimed fashion blogger per say, she always looks amazing in her photos, and has some 40s and 50s dresses to die for. Silk, rayon, cotton novelty prints? The gal has it all.

If you like a head to toe vintage look, this is thee dress set for you! I like to mix old with new though. So I’d pair the dress with some newer, trendy metal jewelry and platform heels. And the jacket I’d pair with some well worn, faded and distressed jeans and wedge heels.

Two gals with totally different yet equally fabulous styles, who love vintage and are known for wearing it. Which fashion bloggers inspire you?



Poster for Andy Warhol’s Exploding Plastic Inevitable.


So how was your weekend?

As mentioned earlier the weather was awful in Dallas, which is conducive to not getting shit done. For the most part I just lazed around eating rosemary mashed potatoes and watching Italian horror movies : P. I did manage to see Crazy Heart though! It had sold out each night for weeks at our tiny independant theatre, but finally moved to a bigger theatre. So at last I got in.

Jeff Bridges gave an amazing performance as always. The story itself was realism at it’s best; no hero or villian, just a small handful of charactors doing the best they could despite their problems.
I’ll take movies like this over the typical Hollywood ‘good guy vs. bad guy = happy ending regardless’ story any day.

Oh, I did manage to take some merchandise photos on Sunday too. Several cute dresses are going up on GOLDMINE TRASH this week, which you’ll know more about soon.

In other news, my birthday is on Monday, so I need to have fun this weekend. I think I’ll go to this:

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