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A treasure trove of Goldmine Trash auctions end today! Epic vintage dresses, vests, and duster jackets from the 1950s – 1980s to keep you ladies stylish all festival season long. Viva Las Vegas? Austin Psych Fest? Coachella? Check. Check. Check!

Emerald green 1950s Fred Perlberg. Full circular skirt, pleated cummerbund inset, boned bodice. Yow!

Runway style 1960s/70s black maxi vest w/ gold + metallic gold embroidery, forming Indian paisley motifs.

Dandy in the underworld. 1960s purple velvet + silk chiffon mod mini w/ metallic silver sequin trim.

Global goddess 1960s/70s dashiki maxi dress. Gauze like vanilla cotton w/ Indian paisley ethnic print.

Couture style construction! Bad photos, but a serious stunner in person. Shocking hot pink late 1950s-60s Mad Men style cocktail dress. Velvet + satin. Kay Selig designer label.

Gothy 1980s-90s black burnout stretch velvet robe/duster jacket.

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I’ve hoarded vintage patterns since high school. 20s flapper dresses, 40s playsuits, 50s ball gowns, 60s structural mini’s, 70s bell bottoms… Regardless of size, if it looked cool I had to have it.

 I managed to amass an entire coat closets worth of patterns, and have made myself many wonderful items over the years. I’ve also made many one of a kind, vintage inspired outfits which I sold through Etsy and EBay, which have gone to happy homes worldwide. I won’t give up this hobby any time soon. But…. I’ve decided to part with the excess. Rather than horde things I don’t use, I’m hoping the patterns will find new owners who will appreciate (and hopefully use) them. 

 I decided now is the time because traditional domestic skills are making a comeback. The art of making things by hand (and with love) is slowly but surely resurfacing. These patterns are valued today as they weren’t 13 years ago, and I couldn’t be happier about that.

 Here is the first batch of patterns I’m offering for sale on EBay.  There’s hundreds more, which will be listed weekly throughout the year. I only sell patterns which have all pieces intact. I carefully inspect them to ensure this. So no gambling involved.


1940s Advance #4564 playsuit/swimsuit. Good larger size (40 bust).

1940s Hollywood pattern#1487. Darling casual dress/suit set! 40s size 18 / 36 bust.

Late 1960s/1970s Vogue Couturier Design #1692. Pucci pajama jumpsuit. Vintage size 12.

Late 1960s/1970s Vogue Couturier Design #2249. Pucci v neck pajama jumpsuit. Vintage size 10.

Late 1960s/1970s Vogue Americana #1856. Chester Weinberg mod mini dress. Vintage size 10.

1960s Vogue Paris Original #1737. Guy Laroche mod mini dress + matching coat.Vintage size 14.

1928 Vogue #9242. Flapper dress with asymmetric hem + scarf. Matching slip pattern also included. Size 18 years/36 bust.

HIGHLY COVETED! 1940s Simplicity #1307 sarong skirt, shorts, and cropped tie top playsuit/dress set. 40s size 16/34 bust.

Late 1960s/1970s Vogue Couturier Design #2065. Fabiani mini dress.Vintage size 10.

Late 1950s/1960s Vogue Paris Original #1458. Lanvin Castillo full skirt dress + matching coat. Factory folded – unused w/ 2 original sewing labels intact. Plus a 3rd department store sewing label. Very Mad Men! Vintage size 12.

 1960s Vogue Paris Original #1694. Pierre Cardin mod mini dress w/ sculpted seams. Vintage size 12.

1970s Vogue Paris Original #2827. Pierre Balmain day dress. Ok, this one is missing the pattern piece for the belt loop, but that can easily be recreated. All the critical pieces are intact.Vintage size 14.

More to be listed on Thursday – namely 30s and 40s patterns.



They say in TX that “if you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes and it’ll change.”  A few days ago it was in the 30s. But today it was 73. 73! It was so nice to dress lightly for the day.

Hat: thrifted. 80s scarf: thrifted. Sunglasses: thrifted.90s crochet dress: thrifted. Assorted wooden + plastic bangles: Saks 5th Ave, Forever 21, and Macy’s.

I wish the sun would stick around since I’m partial to spring clothes,  but it’s supposed to rain this weekend.  *sigh*

PS, Dig how that chin length layer of hair is flowing! It looks live I’ve got Elvis sideburns, haha.


Another beautiful 1970s dress has just arrived in stock!

J’adore the 70s! It’s arguably my favorite decade for music (glitter rock, punk, rockabilly + teddy boy + mod revival… I secretly love disco too); and I love how fashions of the 1930s inspired most of the clothing. Additionally, the Women’s Liberation movement gave rise to a need for dresses which were not only fashionable, but fuss free. The modern woman was now preoccupied with her career; hours worth of ironing was the last thing she needed on her to-do list.

And so the popularity in wrinkle free, fade resistant, wash & wear polyester skyrocketed. Lightweight polyesters paired 30s inspired silhouettes made perfect day dresses, which could be worn to the disco by night as well. In todays fashion world. we refer to these as ‘secretary dresses’.

This darling dress is a perfect example of the secretary dress. It’s modest enough to wear at a day job. Yet it’s soft and flirty enough to wear on a date. I love the scarf style bodice draping and peplum. And those screen print hibiscuses!

Unlike many vintage items, this one comes in a larger size. And at only $29.99, ya can’t go wrong. It can’t wait to find a new home, and create more happy memories.

xoxo, SJ


 Last weekends estate sale scores!

 I love 50s poodle motif things. And 50s appliqued things. So why not have the best of both worlds? Best trash can ever. The estate I got it from was JAM PACKED with nothing but 1940s-70s stuff. I’m pretty convinced these people stopped shopping in the 70s, and never threw out a thing.

 The sale was supposed to start at 9am, but was postponed till 12 due to the snowstorm. By 12:30 they sales folks finally arrived. Yes, I stood all that time out in the snow. Without a jacket. It was worth it.
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