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This lovely jacket was auctioned off by Thrifted recently for $255.00. If you’re sad about missing out, we have the same one in purple ending tonight! Perfect for festival season, which is just around the corner.



They say in TX that “if you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes and it’ll change.”  A few days ago it was in the 30s. But today it was 73. 73! It was so nice to dress lightly for the day.

Hat: thrifted. 80s scarf: thrifted. Sunglasses: thrifted.90s crochet dress: thrifted. Assorted wooden + plastic bangles: Saks 5th Ave, Forever 21, and Macy’s.

I wish the sun would stick around since I’m partial to spring clothes,  but it’s supposed to rain this weekend.  *sigh*

PS, Dig how that chin length layer of hair is flowing! It looks live I’ve got Elvis sideburns, haha.