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A vintage Hollywood pattern from my personal collection. Some of the best patterns were made by this brand!

I have a really photographic memory, and can remember details such as when and where I bought things, how much I paid for them, etc. etc.

 I purchased this particular pattern when I was 19, and on a day trip with my dad; to Washington’s Skagit valley tulip festival. Our day was spent amidst other tourists, who lined up for miles to see the many acres of tulips in bloom. From there it was a little shopping in the surrounding antique malls.

 As we were headed back, we noticed what looked like a garage sale, and pulled over. Only this was no ordinary sale. Here in the midst of nowhere, surrounded by nothing but tulips, stood a small old house with it’s white paint peeling off. And outside, boxes upon boxes of amazing vintage clothing, hats, shoes, fabrics, and sewing patterns. The late owner of the home had been a professional model… who had incredible taste. Among the labels she wore? Ceil Chapman, Kamehameha, Shaheen, and Fred Perlberg. Her sons and daughters had no interest in keeping her belongings, and were eager to be rid of them asap.

 I managed to snag all the clothes, hats, shoes, fabrics, and around 30 patterns. For $8.00. Those were the days! Since then I’ve used it around 20 times, with each playsuit being made in a different fabric. I won’t be retiring it any time soon.